"There is an indefinable, mysterious power that pervades everything. 
I feel it, though I do not see it.  
It is this unseen power which makes Itself felt, 
and yet defies all proof.

~Mahatma Gandhi
Elixir Cafe
Revitalizing Your Essence...
With The Spirit of Nature
Welcome to The Elixir Cafe Online. If you're familiar with our products you may wish to portal on over to the product pages using the buttons above.  If you are new and checking us out for the first time...Enchanted, we are delighted with your visit and hope the following info will supply you some overall info about us and our products.
“The Einsteinian paradigm as applied to vibrational medicine sees human beings as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical / cellular systems.  Vibrational medicine uses specialized forms of energy to positively affect those energetic systems that may be out of balance due to disease states.  By rebalancing the energy fields that help to regulate cellular physiology, vibrational healers attempt to restore order from a higher level of human functioning.”

Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, M.D.

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The Elixir Cafe produces Vibrational Healing Elixirs. 
Currently we offer our elixirs in many forms; Sublingual Oral Elixirs, Potent Potables~Cordials, Mantra Mists, Angelic Mists & Elixir'd Body/Face Creams.

Our Oral Elixirs are the most concentrated form of our ingestible elixirs.  They come as sublingual drops, that is, they are taken internally by drops that go under your tongue.  They can also be added to water or any cool beverage.  

Our Potent Potable line of elixirs are gorgeous non-alcoholic cordials that are enjoyed 1/4 oz. at a time.  They are wonderful straight-up or mixed with mineral water or your favorite beverage. 

Our Mantra Mists & Angelic Mist Series are for external use and can be used directly on and around the face & body, added to the bath or used to clear, heal and revitalize any area in your home, office or sacred space.   

Our Elixir'd Body & Face Creams are gorgeous lotions that are filled with healing elements just like all our products, such as, flower remedies and gem essences.  They are amazing on all skin types, even for those with extra sensitive skin that usually have a difficult time using any products at all.

All our beautiful elixirs are composed of natural and mostly organic ingredients.  They are alchemical combinations of whole plant extracts, herbal infusions, homeopathy, flower remedies, essential oils, crystals, gemstone essences and some with nutritional supplements added. The power of our elixirs is in the purity of the ingredients and in the manner of their formulation. Each recipe is unique, and calls upon the synergistic healing properties of the essential elements within.  They facilitate healing on subtle energy levels,  revitalizing and integrating the mind, body and spirit.                             

Oh...did you know they are very fast and go to work instantly?  However, you might need a few minutes to catch up.  The beauty of it is...you can usually feel them energetically with in a few minutes. All our Elixirs are a feast to all 6 senses...the aromatics are wonderful and the tastes...Gorgeous! 

If you ever find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area, we invite you to stop by The Elixir Cafe's new Tasting Room or come by and see us at one of our many local festivals, shows or farmers markets.  Check out our Live Schedule for dates and times.  Have fun browsing the site and feel free to email or call us  with any questions about our products.  All online purchases are currently through Paypal.  If you wish to not use Paypal, checks and credit cards can also be accepted via email or phone.

Warmest & Blissful Regards,                                                
Carrie Moore & The Elixir Cafe Crew
Chief Bottle Washer

Vibrational Botanical Elixirs