are just family 
you have 
yet to come 
to know”

-Mitch Albom
-The Five People You Meet In Heaven 


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Carrie Moore is one of the real lights in the Self Help and Spiritual Development arena.  For the last 11 years, Carrie has been conducting workshops and working with people in the areas of spirituality, shamanism, energetic study, intuitive arts and vibrational medicine. She creates a mystical and accelerated space for true Self discovery.  Her approach to personal empowerment is enlightening, playful and eyeopening.  Somehow she makes the whole process felt and more tangible. She brings about "Real" change. 
Several years ago, while facilitating a workshop in England, she began to receive recipes and grocery type lists of plants and essences.  While she wasn't working with botanicals at the time, after a couple of days of the same recipe and grocery list repeating over and over in her minds eye, she wrote them down, did some research and scouted out to fill the grocery list order of local plants and essences.  Working through intuitive guidance she put the gorgeous concoction together and viola....Miriam's Heart Elixir came into existence.  It was distributed to family, friends.  Over a short period of time orders were coming in through word of mouth and being shipped around the globe.  The heartfelt and healing energy of Miriam's Heart Elixir was being felt by all it came in contact with.  Since then all of The Elixir Cafe's Vibrational Healing Elixirs have come into being in the same way.

She has traveled around the world working with many teachers and people, plants, flowers, animals, et al.  She is the owner and founder of the Elixir Cafe and facilitates workshops.
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We would like to introduce you to some of the faces and voices behind and on the scene of  The Inner Shaman and The Elixir Café.  You may come across them at one of our Farmers Markets or Festival booths, working behind the scenes or at one of the workshops.  Anyhow…they are a fun lot! 

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The Crew
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