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Over the years, we have heard so many stories from so many customers.  We love to hear about how our products are working to make a difference in your life.  We never thought, until now, that we should start documenting some of the results you have experienced from The Elixir Cafe products.  Here are a few...
Customer Comments
Revitalizing Your Essence...
With The Spirit of Nature

The Elixir Café is a blessing to the world.  I have used Lavender Bliss for almost 5 years and I know it works.  I especially love the waves of gentle alignment I feel after an ounce of it after a hard day at work.  The Heart Chakra Water adds an empathetic element that has helped in difficult times dealing with my teenager.  And the Miriam’s Heart drops helped me accept and bless the passing of my father.  Melissa became a friend over the years at the farmer’s market.  I am grateful for finding these wonderful products.  I recommend them with no hesitation.  Thank you for all you’ve given me.  

Yamina, Oakland, CA

I love your elixirs so much.  I’m an herbalist and I’ve taken flower essences but there is nothing I’ve ever tried like these elixirs.  They are magic in a bottle, each unique in effect.  My favorite is the Wisdom of Venus.  It makes me feel relaxed and happy.  It’s a feeling that all is well.  Ancient Amazon is another favorite, and I find The Bridge to be instantly grounding.  Thank you for making these healing tonics.  What a gift to the world!

Diane, Oakland, CA

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Vibrational Botanical Elixirs 
"In this life
 we cannot do great 
things. We can only
do small things with 
great love." 

- Mother Teresa